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  • (Darthvado's Grandma speaking)

    Techni cally, the answer "No" to question 4 is correct. NO, not all of them... true? Also, I AM SORRY! but, you cannot tell me that people in other parts of the world who follow different paths other than "Christianity" are not saved. EVERYONE who believes in a Divine Diety is saved. To begin with, the top three world religions are all derived from the same teachings, hence, the similarities in the doctrine. The tribes who roamed the desert divided into the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and there are countless similarities in the foundations. It seems that I know more than you thought. They all follow the Golden Rule to some extent and ANYONE who follows the Golden Rule lives a Jesus-like life.:-)

  • im not that religous, yet i got 90% so, maybe you should make another one with more, or/and more difficult questions

    guitarist 4
  • 90%


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