How much do you really know about The Hunger Games?

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This is a quiz to test your knowledge of The Hunger Games book and movie. I wish you good luck for the quiz and thank you for choosing mine to take. Enjoy!

If you are confused by a question because the answer options do not contain the answer you were thinking of, it may be because you have not read the book or you have not seen the movie.

Created by: Isaclove

  1. Name the known boys from district one
  2. Name Peeta's stylist
  3. Which district was the boy Clove shouted (when she was being killed) from?
  4. What chance of winning did Cato have?
  5. Which of these the strongest?
  6. And the tallest?
  7. Which of these tributes is described as having "emerald green eyes"?
  8. Which character uses a bow and arrow with unperfected aim?
  9. Who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin?
  10. What is Clove's surname?
  11. Who steals Cato's knife in training?
  12. What does Katniss do in order to get bread?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about The Hunger Games?