How much do you love your dog?

People these days don't care at all about their dogs. IF you dont, then why did you buy them and make them suffer? IF you're not sure, take this quiz.

Make sure to answer these as best and as honestly as you can. Remember, this is just a quiz and answers may not be that accurate but who knows? Maybe you really are like that.

Created by: YukiSnow

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  1. You groom your pet...
  2. You constantly buy accessories and or toys for your dog.
  3. Where does he sleep?
  4. What food does he eat?
  5. Do you play with your pet or take him out?
  6. How do you celebrate your dog's birthday?
  7. Do you have many dogs? If you do, do you give equal attention to all?
  8. Do you snuggle with your dog?
  9. How do you call your dog?
  10. You spend the weekend...
  11. When you're done with this quiz, what will you do?
  12. Honestly, would you risk your life to save your dog?
  13. Do you sort out problems with your pet?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love my dog?