How much do you know Michael Jackson? (by his girlfriend)

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Michael Jackson is a great person. Michael tried to heal the world and make it a better place. You may know Michael Jackson as The King of Pop. He is very famous.

Find out how much you know about Michael from these 10 questions. There's only 10, but I chose them carefully and I thought of them by myself. I'm Michael's real life girlfriend.

Created by: M J of <3
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  1. Michael Jackson likes Peter Pan
  2. Michael Jackson's favorite color was...
  3. Michael Jackson's tours of the 90's were called...
  4. In the History tour Michael wore...
  5. Michael's nickname is...
  6. Which of these music videos is in black and white?
  7. Michael's most expensive music video made was...
  8. Michael called his tree in Neverland that he wrote songs in his...
  9. Which of these did Michael Jackson not have in his home?
  10. Which drink did Michael Jackson do commercials for?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Michael Jackson? (by his girlfriend)