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There are so many, people u did some kind of quizes, but everytime I did one of these, I ended up laughing about the questions because, they were far too easy, so I hope I did a better job... let me kno ;)

I love MJ, so thats why I did this quiz, I hope u like it...We should never forget the King of Pop, he did so much for us.... let me know what ur results are ;)

Created by: Gianna of LaRagazzaRomana
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  1. okay lets start easily... When was MJ born?
  2. Where was he born?
  3. How many siblings did he have (take care, I mean all of them)
  4. How many albums did he produce, during his solocareer?
  5. What is the name of the first movie he played in?
  6. What was his role in his first movie?
  7. Did he receive any awards after 2002?
  8. Michael Jackson is the artist who won the most Grammy Awards in one night. How many?
  9. Once in an intervies he said which of his songs he liked the most, he didnt say, that it is his favourite one, but one of his favourites... which one was it?
  10. Once MJ should receive an award, but he couldn't get the award, thats why there was a live-broadcast and during this broadcast Michael Jackson couldn't stop doing something which made everybody lough... what was it?

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