How much do you know me?!

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This is a quiz I made now. How much do you know me? Before, you could never know. Now, I made this dumb quiz to help you find out! The only problem is why do I have to fill in type words?

Just make sure not to cheat, use hacks or use your psychic abilities in this quiz. It will make it unfair for everyone who does not have what you have. Plus, you will get spanked and not given any cookies! >:(

Created by: Boogerdam98

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  1. What is my seksual orientation?
  2. Why did I came to GotoQuiz?
  3. Was I pooping, peeing, cutting and crying while I was making this quiz?
  4. I am insecure of my...
  5. Am I...
  6. Am I homicidal?
  7. What is my favorite color?
  8. Where am I from?
  9. My thoughts about school (even if I finished it) are...
  10. How much do I love myself?
  11. What color is my underwear?
  12. Would I give out info about my body on the internet (or anywhere)?
  13. How many books do I own?
  14. Who do I listen to?
  15. How many times do I fap a day?
  16. Who is my role model?
  17. Whom do I cringe upon?
  18. What number do I like the most?
  19. What is my religion?
  20. Pick which one describes me.
  21. Last question: Who is my soulmate?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know me?!