What Clan does your cat belong to?

This quiz is about finding out which Clan your cat belongs to most on my site Fallen Warriors on Wetpaint. Can't think of anything else to write so it looks like I'm just going to try and fill in the 150 required words for the summary...

If you have a problem with this quiz. Oh well, suck it up and move forward. =P Apparently I have to have 150 words on this paragraph too. What to say. What? It's not my fault I can't think of anything to fill in 150 freakin' spots.

Created by: Wolfwrrior
  1. What terrain does your cat prefer?
  2. What prey does your cat enjoy?
  3. What kind of camp would your cat not mind living in?
  4. What would your cat do if they spotted a tresspasser?
  5. What quality does your cat think is most important in a warrior?
  6. What does your cat care about the most?
  7. What does your cat believe is the most important thing of their clan?
  8. **IMPORTANT** What Clan do YOU think your cat belongs in?
  9. **IMPORTANT** What Clan do YOU think your cat does not belong in?
  10. Whatcha think about this quiz? =P

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Quiz topic: What Clan does my cat belong to?