What Star Trek Era do you belong to?

This is to see where you belong in the Star Trek universe, from old to new.

Will you belong with Picard or Kirk? Or will you belong with Captain Archer? Maybe, at the ground floor of the Warp program with Henery Archer and Cochran? Or maybe you just find some quiet spot on earth, and stay out of history's way.

Created by: John Walsh
  1. When given an order, you...
  2. Confronted with a hostile enemy you?
  3. You crew member disobeys orders, you?
  4. You'd like to live where?
  5. Your in a firefight with a tholian your engines are down, and there is a klingon ship nearby, you?
  6. The Romulans:
  7. The Cardassians:
  8. The Ferengi Culture:
  9. The Borg:
  10. What's Your Maximum Speed?

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Quiz topic: What Star Trek Era do I belong to?