Which GG character are you?

Well here you are you brave lil whipersnapper you! you've made it to the end of this long and tedious/stupid lame s---ty s---ty bang bang quiz thing i couldnt be f---ed really but it says i need to add 300 words -_-

So yeah. I have to somehow fill this space with writing and it won;'t let me reopweat words more than twice twice. hmm hmm what to say... congradulations you answered about 10+ retarded questions with no nreal purpose.

Created by: george

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your invited to go to the movies with a grou of friends after work. WHat is your response?
  2. You are posed with a problem. Your manager has asked you to do a change over/zed report.
  3. A camera is aimed your way.. what do you do?
  4. Best describe yourself;
  5. What is your favourite past time?
  6. What are you most likely to be cought wearing?
  7. What musical artist do you perfer?
  8. What is the most interesting word below?
  9. What sounds more fun
  10. Best invention ever?

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Quiz topic: Which GG character am I?