how much do you know fnaf 1,2,3?

ok so first of all I LOVE fnaf I know basically EVERYTHING about it so good luck getting a 1000. IT'S ME. also if you do get a 100 I'll be impressed I've been studying fnaf I know its pretty weird but its actually a pretty cool game.

ok so you may now a lot but not as much as me. IT'S ME IT's ME IT'S ME IT'S ME, you cant, 30 years and only one, at first it was a hand a hook and a paper doll.

Created by: Caleb Lighthall

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  1. who is most likely to cause the bite of 87?
  2. who do you need to keep in a present by playing music?
  3. who was the victim of the bite of 87?
  4. who laughs like a little kid? (fnaf 2)
  5. how many victims were there in the killing? (fnaf 1)
  6. what does the freddy poster do when you click on it?
  7. this is the most important question of the quiz... WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?
  8. who is the member of the band that doesn't have an instrument?
  9. is foxy a good guy?
  10. who is the only animatronic in fnaf 1 and 2 that doesn't have a set mode on night 7?
  11. is bb an animatronic?
  12. in the mini game "give gifts give life" who jump scares you after you give the children there suits.
  13. where do chikas beak and eyes go after she leaves the stage?
  14. who is the most broken animatronic?
  15. who is the only animatronic in fnaf 3.
  16. who does the phone guy mention on night 3.
  17. what is inside the animatronics?
  18. what did the fnaf 2 fans name the cupcake?
  19. who watches you from under the table on night 2 in fnaf 2 rarely.
  20. why does bb laugh?
  21. what is in your office in fnaf 3?
  22. why do you come back for night 2?!
  23. who created fnaf 1,2,3
  24. what are the secret texts in fnaf 2?
  25. why does withered chika usually stretch her arms out.
  26. who are you in fnaf 1?
  27. is the purple man an animatronic?
  28. in the "give gifts give life" mini game how many children are there?
  29. is bb a hallucination?
  30. final question what are the animatronics made out of?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know fnaf 1,2,3?