How much do you know about FNAF?

Someone with the Heart of fnaf knows quite enough to pass this quiz. They have studied for years and now come to this very moment. They succeed over and over! Good luck!

Do you have that very heart? The one who trusts and is very brave. One who believes that they have the skills of Freddy, Sugar level of Chica, Skills as Bonnie, and trust within their hearts.

Created by: Leah
  1. Who is MOST believed to cause the "Bite of 87"?
  2. What is the music box used for in fnaf 2?
  3. What is inside the animatronics?
  4. Is Chica a girl or boy {Couldnt help but to add that}
  5. Is the rumor animatronic "Sparky The Dog" real?
  6. Only 5 questions to go! What do you play as in fnaf?
  7. Does the guy who talks to you on the PHONE have a name?
  8. What Month did fnaf 3 come out?
  9. Hint: the answer is Happy 1 more question guys! What do u say?
  10. Last question or is it...

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about FNAF?