How Well Do You Know FNAF?

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There are a lot of people who claim to know everything about FNAF but a majority of them don't actually know these very very simple facts about the popular game.

If you like this quiz please show it to your mates and remember this basic knowledge!it will only take a few minutes! Maybe not even that! So enjoy plz.

Created by: Eloise

  1. Who caused the bite of '87?
  2. Is FNAF2 a sequel or a prequel?
  3. What does Bonnie do in the band?
  4. What colour is Bonnie's guitar in The Prequel?
  5. Chica Carries a cupcake around in the prequel
  6. What is the cupcake's name?
  7. Which youtuber has a FNAF video title ' Why Chica?'
  8. What gender is Bonnie?
  9. How many freckles do Freddy and Bonnie have put together?
  10. Let Fate Decide! Which one?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know FNAF?