The ULTIMATE FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's) Quiz! 1-3

I'm not even KIDDING, there are so many FNAF quizzes out there! But I am here to give you THE FACTS. The answers here have logical answers provided not with opinions, but facts.

So, sit down with your FazBear Pizza and start. Just don't get the computer greasy. Just remember though, some of these questions are based on theories. However, I only picked theories that have solid evidence that the majority of people believe in. Thanks for reading!

Created by: Gooseville News
  1. 1) Ok, lets start off with something easy: What phrase is continually included in each game?
  2. 2) What gender is Bonnie?
  3. 3) How many animatronics are in the 1st game?
  4. 4) What is the name of the company?
  5. 5) How many restaurants (Bare minimum) did this company have?
  6. 6) Which animatronic (On the Stage) does not have an instrument?
  7. 7) Which animatronic holds a cupcake?
  8. 8) Speaking of which, do you like cupcakes?
  9. 9) Just so you know the previous question had no effect.
  10. OK OK OK IM BACK ON THE ACTUAL QUIZ SORRY lol... 10) What have fans dubbed the name of the cupcake as?
  11. 11) Who is most probable to cause the Bite of '87? (Yes, I know this question is overused, but you people need to learn who it really is)
  12. 12) #2~ Prequel or Sequel?
  13. 13) Who do you play as in Fnaf 1?
  14. UUUUH STUDY BREAK want some Pizza?
  15. 14) Is Balloon Boy a hallucination?
  16. 15) Who is JJ?
  17. 16) What is the file name of the dead body in the mini games?
  18. 17) Who created the game series?
  19. 18) How did the creator get the original inspiration for the game?
  20. 1987) Approximately when does the first Fnaf take place?
  21. 20) What is the name of the Phone Guy
  22. 21) How many kids (in total) were killed?
  23. 22) TWENTY TWOO- OO OO! Sorry, who voices the phone guy in Fnaf 2?
  24. 23) Who was dubbed the most scariest by The creator of the game himself?
  25. 24) In Fnaf 3, when does Phone dude leave?
  26. 25) Who Is in Springtrap?
  27. 26) How many Easter Egg death screen pictures of Springtrap are there in Fnaf 3?
  28. 27) Who stuffed the bodies of the dead children into the suits?
  29. 28) How many total animatronic related attractions/restaurants are there in the game?
  30. 29) Which is NOT SpringTrap?
  31. 30) LAST QUESTION!! London bridge is falling down.......
  32. BONUS POINTS!!! What easter egg did I put in this quiz?

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