How well do you know FNAF? (2019)

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Hey. This quiz is to test how much you know about Five Nights At Freddy's! Good luck! Don't worry If you don't get the perfect score! There are 40 questions here.

Have fun!.Please check out my youtube channel Foxy_Draws_Fnaf The video on how I made the drawing is on there :) I put up FNAF content and more. I hope you enjoy this quiz

Created by: Foxy_Draws_Fnaf
  1. When was FNAF 1 made?
  2. What is the name of the child who possessed Golden Freddy
  3. Who made FNAF?
  4. Who voices the FNAF calls?
  5. What type of animatronics are the FNAF animatronics?
  6. The minigames started in FNAF 2. True or false
  7. Who needs the music box?
  8. Who is the mane character in FNAF 3?
  9. Who is inside springtrap?
  10. How did Springtrap die?
  11. What is Nightmare foxy?
  12. When did the child get bit?
  13. Where does fnaf 4 take place?
  14. Does fnaf 4 have a phone call?
  15. Who voices hand unit in FNAF 5 sister location
  16. Who voices Funtime Freddy?
  17. Who is funtime freddys hand puppet.
  18. What is Baby's real name?
  19. Who runs Sister location?
  20. How many purple guys are there?
  21. Who does Ennard hijack?
  22. What is FNAF 6?
  23. Who is lefty?
  24. Who is security puppet trying to save?
  25. Who is the girl with the green wrist band?
  26. Who beat 50/20 mode?
  27. Who did an interview with Scott
  28. Why did Dawko interview him?
  29. Who is the king of FNAF?
  30. What was the FNAF 4 mini games called in FNAF VR?
  31. Who is the main antagonist in FNAF VR(Evil one)
  32. What comes out in October 2019?
  33. How many cameras are in FNAF 1?
  34. What cam is the show stage in FNAF 1?
  35. Who keeps reappearing in the FNAF franchise?
  36. Who made FNAF VR?
  37. What is the name of the first book?
  38. What is the name of the 2nd book?
  39. What was what 3rd book called
  40. What book was recently updated?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know FNAF? (2019)