Witch FNAF Character Are You?

Do you play Five night at Freddy? Yes or no. Even if you play or not come do this quiz to know which animatronic represent you. (do not be offended if your result if is not that you wanted)

Are you Freddy? No chica, Bonnie? Or just the old and friendly foxy? You want to know it? Just pass this twelves questions test. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: The quiz maker
  1. IT'S PARTY TIME! What would you say to the newcomers?
  2. Want is your favorite food (in this choice)
  3. What is you're favorite animal?
  4. What is your strategy to attack someone?
  5. Guess!
  6. Did you like the quiz?
  7. Just for fun Logic question! 3+x=9 what is the number who represent x.
  8. Do you play Five night at Freddy?
  9. The next question is the the end.
  10. Finish!

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Quiz topic: Witch FNAF Character am I?