How much do you know Disney channel

There might be people reading this but if you watch disney channel you will get a question there might be questions in the past are the future so try your best

Do you know Disney channel I know I do so take it you might get a bad score or a perfect score i just did it for fun just not that I love Disney channel I wanna see if you do

Created by: Loploplop

  1. What came out in 2007
  2. What was the new show on 2011
  3. Which episode on shake it up where rocky broke her foot
  4. Who are the stars for good luck charlie
  5. Who was the one who made disney
  6. Which show is ending
  7. How many teams are there in the friends for change games
  8. Which show was in a show
  9. How many channels do they have
  10. Which person said o my god she looks terrible

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Disney channel