That's So Raven Quiz I

If you loved Disney Channel, then you would know what That's So Raven was, right? It's one of the most classic and funny shows on Disney Channel. Man, those were good days.

But enuff about that. Do YOU know alot about That's SO Raven? Well, just in case you don't, here's a quiz about the first season of the show. Take it. If you dare...Good luck!

Created by: Alexandra
  1. What grade is Raven in Season 1?
  2. Which family member of Raven's is also psychic?
  3. Which of the following wasn't a teacher of Raven's?
  4. Which subject was Eddie worst at?
  5. True or False: Chelsea had bangs in Season 1
  6. What color dress was Tanya wearing on her date with Victor in "Driven To Insanity"?
  7. How many episodes was Chelsea absent in Season 1?
  8. True or False: Raven wrestled with a snake?
  9. How old is Cory in Season 1?
  10. What's the name of the jazzy guy Raven became infatuated by?
  11. What song did Raven and Chelsea sing to in "A Fight at the Opera"?
  12. True or False: Raven has a worst enemy named Krystal
  13. In "Campaign In the Neck", how many votes did Chelsea actually get?
  14. Where was Miles Bonay from?
  15. True or False: Raven's house is like a Victorian
  16. True or False: Raven's disguise as her mother's was accurate
  17. Why did Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie sneak into school early in "Teach Your Children Well"?
  18. In "A Dog by Any Other Name", what was Chelsea's disguise's name?
  19. In "Saturday Afternoon Fever", what shoe did Raven fill up with butter?
  20. True or False: In "Escape Claus", the guy who played Santa Claus was Mr. Petrachelli

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