Disney Rant: 1/2

Fellow Disney viewers, trolls, and Quiz surfers, I have come here on this day for my voice to be heard. I dislike today's Disney Channel, simply because of the lack of effort in XD cartoons and un-originality in today's live action shows.

I think Disney has lost it's groove. Cancelling timeless games for a terrible Frozen Karaoke and boring Club Penguin? The infamous, unoriginal Phineas and Ferb plot? Oh Disney, where does this monstrosity end?

Created by: Room93
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  1. First off, thank you for taking time to view this quiz!
  2. This quiz is a compiled list of complaints and opinions on Disney, most of which aren't positive: 1. Girl Meets World should transfer to FreeForm (the new name for ABC Family.) This show has a ton of potential, and could be able to talk about mature topics as it's prequel, Boy Meets World has. It is currently airing season 3 episodes, which will appear in June at 8:30 PM Eastern time. This will be a big step for the show, making it less cheesy and taken more seriously as the show continues.
  3. 2. "Bring Back The Cartoons" One thing I have noticed on Disney Channel is the lack of cartoon shows besides Gravity Falls' ending, and if there ever are, they are displayed on Disney XD. But Star Butterfly VS The Forces Of Evil is the only good cartoon show up to date, and any others are simply unoriginal, have terrible theme songs (Wander Over Yonder), or are rushed pieces of crap. (aka, Pickle and Peanut and Two More Eggs)
  4. 3. "Disney Flaunts Bought Franchises" Disney has baffled me in recent years, but what surprised me the most was Disney's buying of epic franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel. Star Wars was completely ruined, Star Wars: The Force Awakens being the most terrible SW movie ever. But luckily, Marvel won't let Kiddie Hipster Central touch their works of art, besides the dreadful Phineas and Ferb Superhero Special.
  5. 4. "Unoriginality" Oh Disney, where do I begin? A usual GOOD Disney show would have characters with depth, and not cookie cutter copies of other shows. Example: -That's So Raven *Spunky Main character with confidence that we can learn from *Smart character that decides against MC's idea *Comic relief character that varies during situation -Austin and Ally *Smart girl has idea, everyone agrees I rest my case. PLease be original.
  6. 5. "Mean Characters" Honestly, Disney is a KIDS show, and your children learn nothing from rude and bickering children with bad qualities. But kids idolize them, so they will follow that example. As Hannah Montana progressed, I found Miley only caring about herself more than her friends, telling them to get over their problems but expects help in return. Also, look at Shake It Up, a show starring two best friends who are teen dancers. But Cece and Rocky don't treat each other as friends. Rocky is constantly belittling Cece, even after hearing about her Dyslexia, which she had cried about. And Cece is always getting Rocky in trouble for her own selfishness. She makes Rocky cut her leg on broken glass almost making her an amputee, I'm surprised Rocky was even her friend after that, but to each their own, I guess.
  7. 6. "Club Penguin" Club Penguin is a pretty terrible game. As a person who's played it herself, I find the non member restrictions ridiculous, and that is the reason CP is probably a wasteland, only with non member gangsters acting all badass. And this is what LUCASARTS was replaced with. No, just no. LucasArts was replaced with this stupid game why? There was supposed to be an amazing realistic Star Wars game, but Disney had to make Hipster Central to pose for their campaign.
  8. 7. "Phineas And Ferb" I have no idea why people ever liked this show. It's the same stupid storyline each episode. Phineas and Ferb build something. Candace sees and tells Mom. Doof and Perry fight, causing the German scientist's doomsday device to be destroyed, instantly causing Phineas and Ferb's new invention to perish, and Mom doesn't see in time. There was nothing special about this show, and sticking to one idea, creating different locations, and different inventions won't make it appealing.
  9. 8. "Maturity Lesson Comaprison" DC today surely isn't what it used to be. In the past, topics such as smoking, shoplifting,bullying, and body image were covered. In 2015-16, a same sex couple was shown on Good Luck Charlie, possibly making it the most controverstial episode to date. Bullying was aso covered, along with romantic relatinships and one mention of drugs in the new show, Backstage. I found the past Disney to be more child friendly to kids, but today is just ridiculous, I don't give a hoot if Disney starts at the 6 year old demographic, there are young teens and tweens my age that can't be taught these lessons because of cheesy unoriginal shows and dreadful scripts.
  10. These were my thoughts on Disney, this is my opinion, I hope you enjoed. Bye!

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