That's so raven

Are you a true Disney fan. Can you get all the questions correct. If you get it correct you are considerd a true Disney fan as well as a Thats so raven fan

What do you know about that's so raven take this quiz to find out. You will learn a lot more when taking this quiz. Don't fail or you will be considerd a fan of new Disney shows

Created by: Jason
  1. In the first episode ever how much money does raven try to give to Cory for advice on getting out of trouble
  2. In the first episode, Cory talks about the "three Cs" what are they
  3. what subject did Mr.Lawler (Ravens teacher) teach
  4. What does Mr.Lawler do that's everyone hated
  5. True or false raven Eddie and Chelsea have all been in relationships
  6. What is raven allergic to
  7. What is Ravens school name
  8. What does raven like to do outside of school
  9. True or false raven and Eddie were in the school band
  10. True or false chelsea was in choir
  11. What's eddies favorite sport
  12. True or false Chelsea likes meat
  13. Has raven ever ate a mushroom

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