How much Do You Know Dan Howell

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There are a lot of Dan fans, but do you want to find out how much of a true Danosaur you are! A Danosaur is a true fan of a Youtuber called Danisnotonfire!

Are YOU a Danosaur? Do you know everything about Dan Howell too past this test? Know with this test you can finally find out just by answering 11 questions!

Created by: kalika
  1. What is his middle name?
  2. What is his room mate name?
  3. When was Dan born?
  4. What is his username?
  5. Dose Dan have a gaming channel with someone?
  6. Where dose Dan live?
  7. When dose Dan do his broadcasts?
  8. Did Dan do a broadcast on Tuesday February 9 2016?
  9. What are the 4 things Dan is scared of?
  10. Dose he have a girlfriend?
  11. What is the book called that he made with his friend

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Quiz topic: How much do I Know Dan Howell