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This quiz will test you to se did you are a true Danisnotonfire fangirl!!! But your probably not as big of a fangirl as me of course💁🏻 but still have fun!!!

Have fun in this quiz and don't fail, becaus if you do I will be very dissappinted in you and it would be a dishonour to call you a traitor to the Danisnotonfire fangirl club. Have fun!!

Created by: Violet Falcon
  1. Where does Dan come from?
  2. What is Dan's favourite animal?
  3. Is Dan left-handed or right-handed?
  4. What's Dan's birthday?
  5. What makes Dan cringe?
  6. Does Dan prefer Video games, Blogging or Sports?
  7. Does Dan swear?
  8. Does Dan live with his best friend?
  9. What did Dan not do in his 'Truth or Dare' videos?
  10. Is Dan a vegetarian?

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