How Well Do You Know Dan Howell?

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Take this quiz to see how well you know Dan Howell or 'Danisnotonfire'. Are you a dedicated fan or something slightly less? You will never know unless you take the quiz.

Take this quiz as it will only take a few minutes and will be totally worth your time. You can compare scores with friends. Thank you for taking my quiz.

Created by: Gabrielle
  1. What is the name of Dan's younger brother?
  2. What radio station does Dan host a show on with, his roommate and fellow YouTuber, Phil on?
  3. What sort of videos does Dan post on his YouTube Channel?
  4. What instruments can he play?
  5. What does Dan call his fans (as of the year 2014)?
  6. Has Dan received any awards?
  7. What is his favourite colour?
  8. What is the reason for his favourite colour?
  9. What colour are his eyes?
  10. Does Dan have any facial details?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Dan Howell?