How Much Do You Know About The Turtle Man?

So, I've heard you like the Turtle Man. Do you have what it takes to know him 100%? You want to see him in real life, but you don't want to know nothing about him. Are YOU a true Turtle Man fan? Are YOU part of Team Turtle?

So, DO you like the Turtle Man? Have you heard of him? Or are you just taking this quiz because you saw it, or a friend told you to? If you want to be a fan my friend, take this quiz.

Created by: Ann of Howrse
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  1. Which state in the US does the Turtle Man live?
  2. Which animail has the Turtle Man NOT captured?
  3. What is Turtle Man's dog named?
  4. How did the Turtle Man loose his teeth?
  5. What is the Turtle Man's partner named? (Real Name)
  6. In one episode, the Turtle Man needed a goat to trim his weeds. What color was the goat?
  7. What breed of dog is the Turtle Man's dog?
  8. Does the Turtle Man wash his clothes?
  9. Where does the Turtle Man do his buisness?
  10. Am I a turtle man fan?
  11. Do YOU like the Turtle Man???
  12. What is the Turtle Man's least favorite animal to catch?
  13. Who in the Turtle Team help the Turtle Man build traps?
  14. True or False: Turtle Man's REAL name is Earnie Brown Jr.
  15. Is Turtle Man's tatto of a dream catcher?
  16. If you awnsered "no," for the last question, what IS his tatoo of?
  17. Last question: Why is the Turtle Man's partner there?

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