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  • I Enjoy Turtleman's show because I do not believe the production is as heavily scripted as almost all other reality shows of this type are, such as the survival ones that sound memorized or being read from cards or prompters. If they have camera crew out in wild following them around they can have cards/prompters also& appears glaringly obvious to me to the point that I avoid certain reality shows. I think Turtleman is just being Turtleman and allowed to express his personality in his own way. Who could script Turtlemans stuff other than to say Turtleman, you need to catch a bat for us today. Go find one somewhere & do your thing,just leave out the curse words.I heard the fake rumors & I don't believe it. Turtleman is who he is & I love watching the sometimes silly dangerous things he does to help other people.

  • I got 88%. I just met him last Saturday. He was so super nice, funny, and friendly. He picked me up ("turtle dip", as he calls it). It was soooo much fun!!! :)


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