How much do you know about one direction?

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I hope you enjoy taking the quiz because I spent a lot of time and effort of make this! I did this quiz on one direction because I know lots of the girls (female) them.

One direction are amazing! Lots of you will probably get a high score but if you don't, it's not about getting a high score, it's about taking part! It does not take long to do this quiz because there are only 11 questions!

Created by: Funky chick

  1. How old will Louis be on his next birthday? (2012).
  2. When is zayn's birthday?
  3. What is Niall's favourite of these?
  4. What is Harry's sister called?
  5. How many sisters has Liam got?
  6. What is Louis' favourite colour?
  7. Zayn has got ------ older sister(s) and ------ younger sister(s).
  8. Has Niall got ab's?
  9. Who is the flirt of the group?
  10. Has Liam got a girlfriend? (November 2012)
  11. Can guess who my favourite 1D boy is?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about one direction?