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There are many One Direction fans in this world but there are not enough TRUE fans out there. You need my help with my help YOU will certianly go in One Direction.

Are you a ONE DIRECTION fan? Do you have the knowledge to know One Direction? Well, you will find you prestigious title to find out if you are a DIRECTIONER OR DIRECTIONATOR?

Created by: natasha
  1. If you were Niall Horan were would you go.
  2. How old is each boy of One Direction?
  3. Niall is a-fan.
  4. What is Liam afriad of?
  5. What is Harry Styles favorite animal?
  6. What is Liam paynes fave colour?
  7. True or false:harry loves to be naked.
  8. Louis loves what veggie.
  9. What is Louis' fave colour?
  10. Do you like One Direction?
  11. If you said yes are you going to email me a thanks.

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