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You may have taken many One Direction quizzes with ease in the past, but now your One Direction smarts will REALLY be put to the test. This is NOT just another One Direction quiz

There are very very VERY hard questions about the boys and the band. Not the average "Who is the oldest" questions. You really need to know your stuff to ace this quiz. Do you have what it takes?

Created by: Rach

  1. Who directed the WMYB music video?
  2. In the making of WMYB, what were the beginning lyrics in the drafting stage?
  3. What word is ingraved in the metal circle on Harry's cross necklace?
  4. Which band member lost their virginity at age 14?
  5. What is something that Zayn almost always does when taking a picture?
  6. What was Harry's X-Factor number?
  7. What hashtag did Liam use in the tweet were he said thst his other kidney was alright?
  8. What does Zayn's new tattoo say?
  9. What kind of bracelet does Harry usually wear
  10. What is the date of their performance at Hershey Statium?

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