How Much Do You Know About Me?

When you've been riding the internet superhighway as long as I have (*waves cane*) it's inevitable that you're going to pick up a few stalkers. By taking this quiz, you're giving me a heads-up on how many of you creepy folks are out there.

This quiz is a great big Alli-pimp. Basically they're all questions about me that I think it's possible for people online to know. Some of them are a little harder than others. A couple, in my opinion, are obvious, but that's because I'm ever so compassionate and don't want anyone going away with a 0% :D

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  1. Where do I live? If you look on my profile page you're a big cheater.
  2. What is my brother's name?
  3. What kind of vehicle do I drive?
  4. Which TV show do I NOT watch?
  5. I will under no circumstances eat:
  6. What grade do I teach?
  7. One of my cats is named
  8. The majority of my book collection is comprised of novels by
  9. Which one of these statements is true?
  10. Which one of these statements is a lie?
  11. What is my favorite cereal?
  12. How about my favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
  13. How about favorite alcoholic drink?
  14. Which political party am I registered with?
  15. Which of THESE statements is a lie?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Me?