How much do you know about Waves?

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You clicked on a trivia quiz! This is a quiz about waves. Waves are everywhere and all around you. Now, you can test your knowledge and see if you know about life.

You can either be an expert of your surroundings or not but you should at least be learning. I am in 6th grade and learning more about waves and now, it's your turn.

Created by: Middleschoolrules😄

  1. What is a wave?
  2. What is the topmost point of a wave?
  3. What is the bottom of a wave?
  4. What is the height of a wave?
  5. What is the number of crests and troughs you see in a certain period of time?
  6. How do you measure frequency?
  7. What is the distance between a certain point of a wave to another point across from that point?
  8. True or False? You can't measure the amplitude and wavelength of a wave.
  9. What does a cycle look like?
  10. True or False? You can see all waves around you.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Waves?