How much do you know about Electromagnetism?

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Hello everyone, I'm Sankhadeep. Here you will have to answer a set of 15 questions about electromagnetism which will test your knowledge about electromagnetism.

You need to take a good preparation before taking this quiz because this is going to be a hard quiz. So I bet you all are ready before taking this quiz. So, let's begin.....

Created by: Sankhadeep Dey
  1. Electromagnetism is the branch of science that deals with
  2. The polarity of an electromagnet can be identified by
  3. Lenz's law states that
  4. Faraday's second law of electromagnetic induction states that
  5. A measurement of the energy that causes current to flow through a circuit
  6. What does negative sign indicate in Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction formula?
  7. The strength of an electromagnet is
  8. The current produced during electromagnetic induction is known as
  9. Does electromagnetism work under water?
  10. Who discovered the relation between electricity and magnetism?
  11. A solenoid carrying current behaves like an electromagnet. To determine poles of the solenoid which rule is helpful?
  12. We are rotating a 1 m long metallic rod with an angular frequency of 400 red s^-1 with an axis normal to the rod passing through its one end. And on to the other end of the rod, it is connected with a circular metallic ring. There exist a uniform magnetic field of 0.5 T which is parallel to the axis everywhere. Find out the emf induced between the centre and the ring.
  13. A long solenoid with 15 turns per cm has a small loop of area 2.0 cm^2 placed inside the solenoid normal to its axis. If the current carried by the solenoid changes steadily from 2.0 A to 4.0 A in 0.1 s, what is the induced emf in the loop while the current is changing?
  14. The induced voltage across a coil with 250 turns that is located in a magnetic field that is changing at a rate of 8 Wb/s is
  15. When the current through the coil of an electromagnet reverses, the

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Electromagnetism?