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Ever wonder what political ideology some of the characters from Warcraft might follow? This quiz will test your knowledge! Not really but please don't fail.

It's not hard, don't over-think it okay. Just go with the flow and look for (easy to find) key words. You can do it, I know you can. Good luck and may the force be with you.

Created by: sonofthunder73

  1. The Alliance is arguably a big-tent group that includes many different races. While they do have a strong military, and serious mistrust towards magic users... what ideology would be closest to this (at least on the surface)?
  2. The Horde is a lose-knit coalition of tribes led by a single War Chief (used to be strictly orcs, but that has since changed). They seem to favor freedom for their members, but do have some war-like tendencies (which also comes mostly from the orc faction). They also include the Blood Elves who have addiction issues. Clearly the Horde is harder to nail down ideologically than the Alliance, but which way would you say they leaned?
  3. Varian Wrynn was called a war monger by some in the Horde (and Alliance as well) that opposed him. His supporters called him the protector of the realm. While it is true that he was hot-headed and quick to anger in his younger days, he was much more reasonable in the years before his death. He was certainly pro-family and wanted his son to grow up to be a worthy successor. You could make a decent case that Varian was:
  4. The current War chief of the Horde, Sylvanus Windrunner was known as a murderous being with evil intent. Recently she has toned a lot of that down and has been somewhat reasonable as leader of the Horde. If you could make a guess as to what she really was, what would it be?
  5. The Kirin Tor is a group of mages in charge of protecting Azeroth. While they are not completely trusted by some (in both the Alliance and Horde) since the treachery by Medivh, they truly don't play favorites and only wish to guard the realm. What ideology might best describe them?
  6. Garrosh Hellscream slowly became corrupted by the fel over time, and stopped really caring about any sort of normal society by the end. Since he pretty much went mad, what political leaning would be closest associated with his behavior?
  7. Malfurion Stormrage and the night elves are definitely a fairly closed society that doesn't like to get involved with world affairs unless absolutely necessary. If you were to guess, what ideology would this form of thought be most closely associated with?
  8. Which of the following iconic characters can be best described as peace-loving, even if they've been involved in some major conflicts on Azeroth:
  9. Deathwing, the Destroyer is hell bent on annihilating the other dragons (and Azeroth as a whole). How would best describe his (it's) way of thinking, politically:
  10. Which is more believable... 1) Varian Wrynn is more liberal than his father due to his more diplomatic nature, or 2) the Burning Legion hold a far-right conservative view point due to their propensity for war and imposing their wills/values on the unwilling via force.
  11. If the Alliance puts more stock into close relationships and open society, but less into traditions and personal freedoms than the Horde does... what would be the most accurate statement:
  12. To end this goofy quiz, which of the below statements is most accurate?

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