How Much Do You Know About Dinosaurs?

Welcome Dinosaur fans! here is a quiz to test your true love for Dinosaurs. If you are like me, a Dinosaur nerd, that means you will score high. If you aren't, then you might still score high(just not as high as me!)

Once again, this is for Dinosaur fans and Dinosaur fans only. If you are not a true Dinosaur fan, then leave now and try some other quizzes. Also this quiz will be a basic quiz, with a few hard questions. If you get them wrong, but you still had fun, that is still good!

Created by: DarkTooth
  1. Which is the largest Carnivore.
  2. Which is NOT a dinosaur?
  3. Which is a Dromaeosauridae(Raptor)?
  4. Which Dinosaur had the biggest brain?
  5. Which is a Herbivore?
  6. Which hunted fish?
  7. When was T-rex discovered(not named)?
  8. Which is FALSE?
  9. What was the last period called in the Mesozoic Era?
  10. What period did T-rex live in?
  11. Finally, what Dinosaur was almost named after Steven Spielberg?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Dinosaurs?