Dinosaur Quiz: how much do you know?

This quiz will test your knowledge of dinosaur history! In this quiz you will be asked a question. This question could be a True/False question, but it is mostly multiple choice.

How much do you know about dinosaurs? It takes a really smart person to pass this quiz, but I have used some well known dinosaurs in this quiz to make it a bit easier.

Created by: Dragongirl152
  1. "Sue" is a dinosaur fossil of great importance. Is she,
  2. What dinosaur has five different types of teeth, including fangs, but is an herbivore?
  3. Which dinosaur lived in the Triassic?
  4. Which dinosaur has the following traits? A long snout, a sail, and a thumb for spearing fish?
  5. Between the two Mountain formations in the U.S. there were what living in Kansas?
  6. In the 1900's, amateur fossil hunters were discriminated against professional fossil hunters. Is this
  7. Which dinosaur was smarter?
  8. The first fossil of Spinosaurus was stolen and broken in a terrorist attack. Is this
  9. Saltasaurus is a...
  10. The biggest known dinosaur is a...

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Quiz topic: Dinosaur Quiz: how much do I know?