What dinosaur are YOU???

What are you a bird,mammal,reptile or amphibian? Oh yeah,well who wants to be a dinosaur? Well that's easy,everybody does! Take this quiz now if you wanna be a dinosaur

Everybody's dream is to be a dinosaur but many people have trouble deciding what dinosaur they want to be:a ferocious Tyrannosaur or a docile herbivore? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Vivaan Shyam
  1. Do you like water?
  2. Which party would you rather go to?
  3. What would you rather eat?
  4. If you are bored,what would you rather do?
  5. Which habitat would you prefer?
  6. If you are in a fight,what attack would you choose?
  7. What paeleontologist do you prefer
  8. What movie do you like the best?
  9. What prominent feature do you have?
  10. What is your favourite dinosaur out of these?

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Quiz topic: What dinosaur am I???