Which (not very well known) Dinosaur are you?

Everbody likes dinosaurs! Probably. But not ever dinosaur is well known. Put your T-Rex away and hide your Triceratops because it's time for obscure dinosaurs!

But which one are you? The mysterious Pyroraptor? The peaceful yet powerful Therizinosaurus or the large and fast Utahraptor. This quiz will help you find out.

Created by: BloodstainedKeyblade
  1. Which is your favorite colour? There's this question in most quizzes, though.
  2. Which weapon would you use in a fight?
  3. You are lost in the wild. How are you going to find food?
  4. Do you like waffles?
  5. Half way! Kind of.. How do you feel?
  6. I made a mistake. The question before the last question was half way to the end.
  7. You're lost in the wild from question 5. You're thirsty. What are you gonna do?
  8. Why did you take this test?
  9. Should I make another?
  10. Lat question! I mean last question. Ninjas or Pirates?

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Quiz topic: Which (not very well known) Dinosaur am I?