The Dinosaur Quiz

Dinosaurs have caught the imagination of children and adults alike. From the terrifying Tyrannosaurus to the magnificent Apatosaurus, dinosaurs are famous and wonderful creatures.

Do you think you know a lot about dinosaurs? Do you think you're a top-notch dinosaur expert? In just a few minutes, you could find out! Hope you ace the quiz!

Created by: Reagan Coy
  1. Which of these dinosaurs are the largest?
  2. Which dinosaur had the strongest bite force?
  3. Which of these are not a dinosaur?
  4. Which year was Spinosaurus discovered?
  5. Who invented the word "dinosaur"?
  6. What are the dinosaurs' closest living relatives?
  7. Which dinosaur had the longest neck?
  8. Which of these dinosaurs lived in the Hell Creek formation?
  9. What was the heaviest carnivorous dinosaur?
  10. Which dinosaur was the saltiest?

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