How Much Do You Know About California?

I am a proud American and a proud Californian. I hate it when people don't know anything about their own state or just common knowledge geography. It makes me crazy that people don't even know their own state's motto. Everybody should know a little something about where they come from.

There are so many stereotypes about California and the people who live here that I just hate. People always think Los Angeles or Hollywood when they think California, and we're so much more than that. I want to tell people about the California they don't see in TV or movies, the real California.

Created by: Brandi
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  1. What is the capital of California?
  2. What is California's motto?
  3. What is California's nickname?
  4. The state animal appears on California's flag. What is it?
  5. What is the state tree of California?
  6. What is the population of California? (Rounded off)
  7. What year did California enter the Union?
  8. California is the __ largest state.
  9. How many states border California?
  10. Established in 1890, what is California's most famous national park?
  11. What mountain is California's highest point?
  12. What is the lowest point in California?
  13. In what year did the California Gold Rush begin?
  14. Which California valley produces more than half the nation's fruits, vegetables, nuts, & milk?
  15. You're driving south from Yreka to the Mexico border. What Interstate do you take?
  16. Which mountains border California to the East?
  17. California was claimed for what nation in 1542?
  18. And finally, what color is the Golden Gate Bridge?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About California?