how much do you know about Black Butler?

There a few people out there who think they know everything there is to know about the anime "Black Butler". How much do You know? Test your self to find out !

But do you know everything? Take this quiz to find out how much of a 'Black Butler genius' you are! How much do YOU know? And are you brave enough to do it?

Created by: Cheddar the Cheese
  1. What is Sebastian Michaelis?
  2. What does Ciel have on his right eye?
  3. Who are Ciel's four sevants (besides Sebastian)?
  4. What is Alois' buter's name?
  5. What animal does Sebasian adore?
  6. Who kills Madam Red?
  7. Which characters are grim reapers?
  8. Who is usually sitting on Lau's lap?
  9. Who is the Queen's butler?
  10. Which character is a doll?
  11. What happened to Ciel's mansion?
  12. And finally, what is the blue diamond in Ciel's ring called?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Black Butler?