How much do you know about animals?

Do you think that you’re an animal know it all? Well... let’s test your knowledge! With this quiz, you can test yourself, your family, or friends! You can do this!

This quiz was made by me, and I love animals! I know a ton, but I’m not trying to brag. Sorry if I sort of am. I believe in you! You got this! Yayyy!!

Created by: Dolphingirl11
  1. What do ladybugs eat?
  2. True or false: Tasmanian tigers are extinct.
  3. How many species of dolphins are there?
  4. How long is a tortoises lifespan?
  5. What animal was Harambe?
  6. How long are male anacondas?
  7. What are humans?
  8. What are the only 2 mammals that lay eggs?
  9. True or false: Cats are the most popular pets.
  10. When is national animal awareness month?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about animals?