How Well Do You Know "Family Pets?"

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"Family Pets" is a comic book about animals and humans. You know the drill in these types of quizzes: Click (or write down) the correct answer. The more you get right, the more you know about the comic. Do you remember enough the comic to answer all the question correctly? Let's find out!

First off: Sorry, this quiz is long! Second: I sort of had some fine with playing around with shipping in some of the possible answers. Maybe you'll catch it!

Created by: Wolflover101
  1. What is the name of the main character in the comic?
  2. The main character doesn't live alone in this story. Who are the other residence in this story and how are they connected to the main character?
  3. Why is the comic called "Family Pets?"
  4. Despite the title, the main character only has one pet at the beginning of the comic. What type of animal is it?
  5. What is the main character's pet's name
  6. The main character has two love interests in the comic. What are their names?
  7. What animals are the pets in "Family Pets" (Me: I am reffering to all of the pets, intential and unintiential)?
  8. The main character went through a family tragedy prior to the comic's beginning. What is that tragedy?
  9. The main character's pet is later turned into a human. What does he/she look like and what is he/she wearing (Me: Just making it easier on myself this time)?
  10. After being turned into a human, the main character's pet uses a certain "conversation" the main character had with him to prove he's her pet. What was the conversation about?
  11. When did the family tragedy happen?
  12. One of the main character's love interests is a magician. What instrument does he/she play?
  13. A Disney romance song is referenced in the comic. Which song is it and what is happening when it is mentioned? Also, are the characters actually singing the song?
  14. What happens at the end of the comic?
  15. In order for the ending to happen, a magical object had to be broken. What was the object?
  16. Bonus round! Now this is material that didn't make it into the comic's story, but is still brought up when you're done reading. You'll only know this if you read the bonus parts of the comic, so if you haven't done that and you don't know these answers, just skip ahead to the results. Okay. What are the names of the four deleted characters?

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