Dolphin Trivia Quiz

This is a quiz about dolphins and mammals itself. through this you can see if you are fit for animal science or if you just like to joke your best

It is now your time to shine. Remember when you do this test, you need to study before. No one can complete it without a little back ground knowledge. Enjoy

Created by: Octavia Kelly

  1. What do dolphins use to swim?
  2. Do all dolphins have teeth?
  3. What are at least two characteristics of a dolphin?
  4. How many types of dolphins are there overall?
  5. What type of mammals are dolphins categorized with?
  6. What is animal that preys on dolphins?
  7. Are humans supposed to be scared of them?
  8. How do they eat their food?
  9. Why is a dolphins body shape important
  10. What are dolphins?
  11. What are dolphins?

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