What Animal Would You Be?

Humans, are in fact, mammals. Our behavior often takes after our wilder relatives, but we are still unique in the way that we think, communicate, and do things. But sometimes, the way we act is a little...wild.

Are you ready to find out which animal you are most like? Take this fun little quiz to find out! Please rate my quiz fairly, and enjoy taking it! Toodles!

Created by: Riss Snuffle
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  1. You find a purse while shopping. You...
  2. Your friend and you have planned a surprise party for his/her sister, but your grandma dies and her funeral is on the same day. What do you tell your friend?
  3. You get rejected from the college of your dreams. How do you react?
  4. A shining figure in white robes and a halo and beautiful wings comes to you in the middle of a barbecue and tells you that you have a great destiny. How do you react?
  5. You're in a tragic car accident, and you have to get a leg amputated. How do you feel about this?
  6. A boy is getting beaten up at school, and there's no one to help him. You...
  7. While you are doing volunteer hours at a nursing home, one of the elderly people collapses and stops breathing. What do you do?
  8. You are asked to fill out a quiz, asking you strange questions about what animal you would be if you answer all the questions. How do you feel about the quiz?
  9. Some hot guy/girl accidently spills whatever drink they're holding on your new shoes. You...
  10. You burn your foot in a bizarre accident while camping. What is your reaction?
  11. You go on a jungle expedition to save a near-extinct species of bird. While you are camping out, a constrictor wraps itself around your partner. You...

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