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  • Yes, I hate school! So much, that in first grade I was pulled out and now I'm homeschooled. I was just so much brighter than everybody else. And the teachers where so mean to me, I was bullied, I only loved recess because it gave a chance to the tiny six year old to hide under the lowest playground part and block everything out. I even started writing backwards to challenge myself.

    IvystarGecko Apr 20 '16, 11:30PM
  • I hate school 27%

    Katherina_abrev Jan 11 '16, 1:48PM
  • I love school! Nice quizz! Please check out my quizz but only if you know what the movie Harry Potter is. It's called draco love story. Thank you bye!

    demilova101 Jan 2 '16, 6:32PM
  • I got 2%. I don't love school, but I have loads of friends there, all of the teachers are nice, and the lunches at my school are amazing! (I'm not even kidding, I get desert with my lunch every day)

    Random101 Jan 1 '16, 2:45PM
  • School sucks!!!!!

    Britanyswager Jan 1 '16, 7:27AM
  • Homework should be optional

    Etini Dec 31 '15, 4:00PM
  • I hate school 85% I wish it was 100 % ha I wish
    The only good thing is that I'm popular that the only good thing about school

    Jazzy298 Dec 30 '15, 4:37AM
  • I hate school 52%
    School is pretty bad for me, but I can tolerate it because some parts make up for most of the bad. Still, look up homeschooling, unschooling, GED, and other alternatives - there might be something better out there for me.

    Juliana Dec 15 '15, 1:17AM
  • Hey guys

    Starworks10 Dec 11 '15, 2:38PM
  • I hate school 13% homework is a waste of time. My homework should be TO GET A YEAR OFF HOMEWORK AND PLAY ON THE LAPTOP AS MY HOMEWORK.

    Starworks10 Dec 11 '15, 2:37PM
  • i hate school 10%

    pandicorn2022 Dec 11 '15, 9:41AM
  • Thanks for making the quiz.

    XXX_brian_XXX Dec 9 '15, 2:06PM

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