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  • Animal Jam is the only way my and my children ever bond

    Timmy is always getting his weewee stuck in the stoaster, Veronica can't take it anymore we keep buying new toasters and we hide them from him but every morning he's always there he's always found his way inside

    Timmy is 4 years of age
    We don't know what to do
    please hlp

    but at least when his weewee is not stuck in a toaster he, Veronica, and I can enjoy some family time. Father and Children.

    Thank you and goodnight
    please help timmy
    pay 7 dolalrs for his college toaster fund
    he needs more
    but we are too poor to buy more toasters

  • OMG IM A AJ FREAK OBAMA!!!! FRIEND ME IM coolpeepspa report: dragoncookie and Trailoftheight for bulling!

    thnx :3

    wizard doughnut
  • i luv aj sooo much!! im an aj freak lol :3


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