How Much do you Enjoy Playing Animal Jam?

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There are many jammers, but some of them don't enjoy Animal Jam as much as they think they do... How much do YOU enjoy Animal Jam? Are you a big fan or do you really hate it?

From just playing the game to making videos and becoming a STAR in the sky... How much do YOU enjoy playing Animal Jam? Come take the quiz to find out now!

Created by: Jenna
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  1. A new item comes out to Animal Jam! How do you feel about this?
  2. It's Rare Item Monday!!!
  3. Who is the most popular jammer so far?
  4. Do you think the Sol Arcade games are fun to play?
  5. What is your favorite game?
  6. National Geographic or Animal Planet?
  7. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the baddest of them all?
  8. Do you have rare items in Animal Jam?
  9. Someone in Animal Jam invites you to their den! Once you come there, they yell at you "WUTS UR PASWARD? LOEEEOOOOL!!!! :D" What do you reply?
  10. Do you want a membership or have a membership for Animal Jam?
  11. Do you make videos about Animal Jam on YouTube?
  12. Do you watch Animal Jam videos on YouTube? (By Julian2, GummyUnicorn, etc...)
  13. And finally, your last question. What is the username of the girl who created this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Enjoy Playing Animal Jam?