what animal are you?

This is my first time making a quiz, and I hope you enjoy it the way I put it together. Its all about what kind of animal you are most like. I am glad I found this website. Its fun!

Do you have the guts to see what animal you are?? (Quiz may not be correct I just made it for fun.) I hope you enjoy this quiz. You'll soon see how good it is when you do it...

Created by: animallover777
  1. Your best friend comes over. You:
  2. You just bought some candy. You:
  3. You want a snack and head into the kitchen. You pick up:
  4. Your getting ready for bed, and slip on your:
  5. Your friend comes over and you go outside to play. You play:
  6. You go to read a book. You read:
  7. You go to the pet store with your mom. You go to the
  8. You go to watch the olympics with your mom. You love watching:
  9. You normally:
  10. You love it when your mom:

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?