How many kids will you have?

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There are many people who wonder how many kids they will have. After all, people wonder a lot of things. I hope you will enjoy ny quiz. So, um I guess so.

I hope you will like the quiz. I am a little bored. This is my first quiz like this. SO sorry if it isn't exactly what your looking for. Have fun taking the quizzes!

Created by: Caelin2
  1. Do you like kids?
  2. Are you good with kids?
  3. If I asked you to babysit my future kid on Saturday what would you say?
  4. How many kids would you want?
  5. Would you be upset if you wanted a boy but got a girl?
  6. If you had a girl what would you name it
  7. If you had a boy what would you name it?
  8. Have you had experiences with children? (Doesn't count if you were playing with them at recess)
  9. What do you think your result will be?
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: How many kids will I have?