How well do you understand kids?

Kids are cute, happy, and curious little people. Yet many adults say childish is bad. Many also say" yes! I understand children" While some others say" dear! How come I don't understand kids?" Is this true?

Take this amazing test! You will instantly know the world of kids, and what they like. Test your skills on the understanding of children. Just 15 questions, and a fun surprise at the end...

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  1. What are kids thinking when you are angry at them??????
  2. Why do they try to calm you down when you are angry of them, but it was an argument between you that started it?
  3. What would you say if they wanted something unhealthy, or is a waste of money?
  4. What does child want when child says " parent, look! That cool thing is so weird!"
  5. How happy is he? 10 is happiest!ask himself, please!
  6. Does he have a timetable?
  7. This question follows the last: what kind of timetable?
  8. when you ask" how was school? What did you learn?" What is he thinking?
  9. He said" can we play?" You say" No!" What is he thinking?
  10. How different is your child from other kids?
  11. Do children like learning?
  12. Do they like animals?
  13. This last question, I'll tell you a riddle. One thing kids like. I'll give you 1% if correct! What is grey, has a trunk, and four legs?
  14. Okay, you might be bored, but 5 more questions!
  15. Why?

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Quiz topic: How well do I understand kids?