Would you be a responsible parent?

There are a lot of people with kids out there, but could you manage the hard work the pat kids offer? Well thanks to this quiz you can find out, so please comment and have fun! It's only a quiz by the way.

Do you even want kids? Well that's not really the theme of this quiz. Is quiz sees if you could handle one, not if you want one or not. Well again; please comment and have fun!

Created by: Chicken tooth

  1. Ok, first of all, say you were in the woods with your child(ren), when you see a wolf. You:
  2. You tell your children they can have fun in the garden on their own for fifteen minut s so that you can have a relaxing bath. You look out of the window when you have got out and are in your towel and you see them all covered in mud, COVERED in it. You do what of the following:
  3. One of your kids has a tantrum, then they scream at you and bite you. You are FURIOUS. You:
  4. Your children are so exited when you get a new pet, then they start pulling its tail. You:
  5. Your child(ren) tip over their red wine that you give them. (Not that they allways get red wine) it gets all over their White brand new shirt. You:
  6. You put your kid(s) I. The bath and start reading your new novel. They start kicking water EVERYWHERE, your the one who's gotta clear up, you:
  7. Your on the beach talking to your best friend when you suddenly see your child(ren) s clothes lying all over the beach, they are standing in the sea, splashing about, NAKED. you:
  8. You decide to get your kids a key board to play tunes on, and to occupy them. You come in a while after leaving them to play when you see some of the pianos key's have been pulled off and are lying about on the floor. You:
  9. You hear faint talking in the kitchen one night and you decide to vowe what it's. You find your kids in there eating sugar and cakes. You:
  10. Your children start picking their noses dealing eachothers boogers. You:

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