Will You Have Children?

Have you ever wondered where your relationship/life is going? Are you thinking about having kids? Deciding whether to have kids is a BIIIIIIIIGGGGGG choice. But if you want to know just for fun, then this is the quiz for you.

With this quiz, I have tried to make it as accurate as I can, and I think that the results will be pretty clear. I hope no-one is disappointed by their results, as having kids is amazing and if your results are that you probably won't have kids, it doesn't matter, because things change! If you take the quiz in a year or two, the results could be different!

Created by: Bubbles123

  1. What Age Are You?
  2. Are You in a Relationship?
  3. If you are in a relationship, (if you're not, click on the SKIP option) what type of relationship are you in?
  4. Do you WANT to have kids?
  5. Do smoke/drink often?
  6. Can You Afford Children?
  7. How Many Kids Do You Want to Have?
  8. Is Education Important to You?
  9. Does Your Partner Want to Have Children?
  10. What Do You Think Is the Most Important Thing For a Kid to Have?

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Quiz topic: Will I Have Children?